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Title: Animals That Eat Water Lilies?
Description: Need advice!

VictoriaL - September 14, 2010 03:56 PM (GMT)
I have a small goldfish pond and several water lilies in baskets in the deeper end. Something goes into the pond and overturns the pots and eats the water lily flowers and leaves. I tried gathering all of the pots together and tying them together with a rope wound around the outside perimeter, but that didn't help.

We live in a rural area, and I have had this pond for over 10 years, but this hasn't happened before. Any ideas???


Robyn - September 15, 2010 06:27 PM (GMT)
Welcome to the forum!

I'm assuming you're in the US? If not, then the following is not relevant.

What you have sounds like what the raccoons here do on a regular basis! They don't have much interest in actually eating waterlilies or other plants. They just knock the pots over, rip out the tubers and leaves, gnaw on them, and generally have a good ole time. Ours even eat the styrofoam off my fake floating plants. Other possible animals you could have that would really get in the water, dump pots, and eat lilies would be dogs or muskrats. Opossums, skunks, foxes, etc. will wade in really shallow water but generally don't make the pond look like a typhoon hit it. Herons can spill pots but are pretty dainty in their movements.

Broxandval - September 16, 2010 12:10 PM (GMT)
Hi Robyn/victoriaL
First Victoria let us welcome you from the UK. :)
Do you know Robyn sometimes Val and I envy you your wildlife in the States but when you hear of the damage that you can get from them well!!!....... :o
It is then we are glad of the hedgehog Squirel fox's and Badgers and the lack of damage caused to ponds here in the UK :lol:
broxandval Fishiedude Flowersmile Grouphug

VictoriaL - October 26, 2010 02:53 AM (GMT)
(A belated) Thanks for the welcome!

Well, Robyn, I think that you identified the "mystery animal". I had figured that the culprit was either a raccoon or deer and, just this morning, I walked outside very early (it had just become light enough to see without turning on a light) and saw, coming out of the pond and going directly into the spirea border, little wet raccoon paw prints. I have had great success in keeping them out of planting areas by winding grapevines around the perimeter and may do this next spring to keep them out of the pond. It's not pretty, but... oh, and I live in southwestern PA.

I can't believe the little devils nibbled at fake plants in your pond! Thanks for your help.

Hey, Broxandval, no fair being smug about your lack of pond damaging critters in the UK! :)

Robyn - October 26, 2010 05:27 PM (GMT)
I'm not surprised it was raccoons! They love to make a mess for fun. Dumping pots is their favorite activity here. I've seen their footprints many times. The strangest pond footprint I found was heron prints in the snow one time! Herons aren't known for hanging around once it's that cold. Those prints were huge!

Rosiemeadow - October 26, 2010 06:18 PM (GMT)
Welcome VictoriaL, from SE PA. Those raccoons are a pesky bunch, I have them all over my property along with opossums, skunks & groundhogs, but it's the raccoons that make the most mess, they tear my potted plants up & make a real mess, plus they poop all over my driveway....I'll have to steel one of my cat's litter box's for my coons! Laughy Laughy Laughy

Broxandval - October 27, 2010 11:00 AM (GMT)
Hi Guys
We still think you are so lucky with all the wildlife you have out in the US, even if they are pesky crafty smelly destructive , you should really look after them. :rolleyes:
Here in the UK we dont really have that much when it comes to garden visitors :(
broxandval Fishiedude Flowersmile

Robyn - October 27, 2010 05:15 PM (GMT)
Rosie, now you know the raccoon would simply eat the litter pan and still go in your driveway! I find raccoon scat at the pond's edge and even in it which is a pleasure to remove. For some reason, they like to eat wild black cheeries as there's always plenty of pits in the waste!

sissy - January 23, 2011 03:08 PM (GMT)
My fish destroy my plants and no matter what I get they destroy .I have tried a fish talk but no help there are like children they never listen to what you say .I have tried protecting the plants from them but they are very determined fish .I am thinking of getting black trap door snails but not sure if the fish will harm them too .They cost a lot of money to just end up fish food .I like the way they clean ponds my neighbor has some .I have tried to find a Garra Pingi Pingi which is a cold water algae eater but can only find them online right now .I also heard they can be agressive towards other fish any one who knows or has one could you let me know .

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