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 Brixdale Inverse Mortgage Program Review, First Commission Run Friday, 20 May 05
Posted: May 18 2005, 02:08 AM

Community Regular

Group: Official Member
Posts: 186
Member No.: 476
Joined: 19-April 04



Hey Gang,

I was invited by Joe Bob to do a review on Brixdale Inverse Mortgage Program and I had a whole review ready to post but I accidently hit the "back button" and lost the entire thing!


I'll post more once I've calmed down.

angry.gif angry.gif

Dad Gum It!!!


Stay Tuned...First Commission Run is due 20 May 05, This Friday and there are going to be lots of happy campers for those who joined in Jan and some in Feb!

I won't be able to create that review as elegant as I FIRST did...I'm afraid! But as a refresher go here:
Brixdale Referral code: SB7457

and I'll post more once that commission run has been announced and I can SHOW proof this is working.

To be added to my bi-weekly newsletter go here:

One thing I will show right now though is that this company has been paying my mortgage company on time like clockwork,,,every month...and without problems. They withdraw a week to two weeks before the due date and have paid on time every month since I joined:

What My Backoffice shows:

Debit Date/Account Debited/Amount/Result

2/13/2005 10950877 0 debit successful (set up)
3/24/2005 10950877 650 debit successful
4/16/2005 10950877 650 debit successful
5/9/2005 10950877 650 debit successful
5/30/2005 10950877 650 (due 5/30)
7/1/2005 10950877 650 (due 7/1)
and every month thereafter

What my bank account shows:

Mar 24, 2005 ACH W/D-BRX 516-522-2749 MORTGAGE
Apr 18, 2005 ACH W/D-BRX 516-522-2749 MORTGAGE
May 9, 2005 ACH W/D-BRX 516-522-2749 MORTGAGE

What my Mortgage Company shows:

Loan Activity

04/12/2005 Payment $650.00
05/11/2005 Payment $650.00

Next Payment Due 06/01/2005
I have a 15 day grace period so I was able to adjust my payment schedule to fit my needs and still be within the required time frame.

May 9th payment is the PRINCIPLE ONLY PAYMENT and will be added to my points register (converted to cash $1 for every point) to be sent to my mortgage company.

May 30 payment will be applied to the 01 June payment and this starts the regular monthly payment without the accelerated payments.

Posted: May 18 2005, 03:36 AM

JoeBob - Administrator

Group: Admin
Posts: 500
Member No.: 508
Joined: 4-May 04

that was fast wink.gif

Great work Sheri! cool.gif

happy.gif Diversify your investments! cool.gif

Get your E-Gold Account
Posted: May 19 2005, 08:23 AM

Community Regular

Group: Official Member
Posts: 150
Member No.: 308
Joined: 5-February 04

Hi gang,

As a member of Sherigirl's downline, I can confirm that all debits and payments by Brixdale have been done on time every time without fail. My last excelerated payment is 5/22/05. This program is the real deal.

My best
Posted: May 30 2005, 02:28 AM

Community Regular

Group: Official Member
Posts: 186
Member No.: 476
Joined: 19-April 04

Hey Gang,

I still don't have a "personal" testimony to share just yet as I have not been 4 months in the program yet to SHOW you my PERSONAL figures (I have ONE more month to go) but so far, I have heard RAVE reviews from my upline and I CAN share that with you right now.
so here goes:

PS: By the way my upline below is the "Gary" testimony on the main site of Brixdale under testimonies. We have a VERY active upline. He sends out a newsletter with current updates twice a week. Here below is the most latest.

Hi Everyone,

Well, it finally arrived! Today Sue and I got a check in the mail from Brixdale for $3,712.80!

This is what we've ALL been waiting for in order to feel the confidence to market the opportunity with confidence and enthusiasm. Now you have a personal testimony that you can use to substantiate the business. I am sure that by next Wednesday's conference call you will hear many more. And hopefully very soon these testimonies will appear on your websites.

Wow, we've definitely seen interest pick up now that folks know that commissions are being paid! This is a great time to take your Brixdale business seriously. We encourage you to build your team beyond your necessary three because it will pay off in the long run.

Our mutual goal is to pay off our mortgages in twelve months or less. That is definitely possible if everyone on your team gets their three members quickly. But even if they don't and it takes you two years, it's alot better than thirty years!

Those of us who received commissions also received a note from Brixdale requesting that we put new audio testimonies on the site. So they should appear soon. These testimonies will be on your site and will add great credibility to your business.

If you were signed up previously but dropped out, you can always join again very easily. Just make sure that you sign up under your same sponsor.

We've gotten a lot of questions regarding the best place to get leads. That's great because it means that you all want to do some serious marketing!

We'd like to encourage you to try a local Penny Paper advertisement. These ads are very inexpensive and your exposure is pretty extensive. Here's the kind of ad to place:

No Up Front Costs! No need to change
your mortgage company.
Call (your phone).

Note from Sherigirl: (I am currently using this one and creating business cards from ) as well so stay tuned for my results from this off line advertising)

If you try this kind of ad, all you need to do is invite people to listen to your website presentation. AFTER they've done that you can talk to them about the specifics.

Another strategy is to purchase pre-screened leads. We've done this before and were disappointed. We're in contact with a different company called Ultimate Net Profits

They will call business opportunity seekers for you and verify that they are genuinely interested in a business opportunity and that they have a bank account and credit card and wish to be called by someone about a business opportunity. These leads are not introduced to Brixdale specifically. You must do that when you call them.

These leads are about $3.00 a piece. If you are interested in purchasing ten leads we can do a group co-op and purchase a larger quantity. We would need at least ten members to participate in order to make it affordable. Just send us a note and let us know you're interested. We will make the line Wednesday, June 1st.

Things are really positive and together we can achieve the financial independence that comes with NO MORTGAGE!

Our next company conference call is coming up next Wednesday, June 1st at 9 PM EST. The phone number to dial is 712-824-4200. Please use participant pin number 978032#.

Guys, you KNOW I will NOT leave you hanging on anything I post. I am just waiting for MORE concrete proof to present to you before I add anything further. But this above, SHOULD wet your appetite! It sure did mine!

Also, Thanks Randy and any other member in my organization for the testimony! Hard work DOES pay off!

To Everyone's Success
Sheri Bonay
Profit Legacy/ PL Online
smile.gif wink.gif

Posted: Jun 10 2005, 02:58 PM

Community Regular

Group: Official Member
Posts: 186
Member No.: 476
Joined: 19-April 04


My upline finally received the $4000 vacation package promised to those members who stuck with the program and passed the 4 payment qualification period. This is exciting news. Now I have testimony that commissions have been received from those who have established a "cash register" and now testimony that the promised $4000 gift for qualifying has been received too!

I can't wait till I can show the same IN MY PERSONAL stats. I do have an update regarding my payment plan. In the first post above you will see that I had not quite made all 4 payments to be qualified. I am proud to announce that I finally have now and I should be receiving the $4000 package as well within the next 5 to 6 weeks and I will give testimony to that when that happens. But just to show you what my backoffice looks like now. They have REVAMPED the backoffice and given codes to show you what your member's status is. This is too cool! Referrals info removed for privacy:

Pending Referrals

Qualifying Referrals
(date enrolled)(Brixdale ID)(Name)(email)(phone #)(mortgage/rent payment) (cash member or points member?)(date qualified) (status)

Personal Referrals
(date enrolled)(Brixdale ID)(Name)(email)(phone #)(mortgage/rent payment) (cash member or points member?) (date qualified) (status)

Organization Referrals
(date enrolled)(Brixdale ID)(Name)(email)(phone #)(mortgage/rent payment) (cash member or points member?) (date qualified) (status)

*Date in last column is date when customer completes their 4 debit cycle. Once a customer completes their 4 debit cycle, the commission from that customer becomes earned. The letter "E" means that the customer has successfully completed their debit cycle and the commission from that customer is earned. The letter "A" designates customer is currently active. The letter "S" means the customer has currently suspended their debit cycle.

I will be receiving commission for my cash voucher soon:

cash 7/25/2005 A
cash 7/25/2005 A
cash 8/9/2005 A

Now for the account payments: You will see I finally made all 4 payments and am fully qualified for this program:

Debit Date Account Debited Amount Result
2/13/2005 10950877 0 debit successful
3/24/2005 10950877 650 debit successful
4/16/2005 10950877 650 debit successful
5/9/2005 10950877 650 debit successful
5/30/2005 10950877 650 debit successful
6/25/2005 10950877 650 (this will pay 01July)
7/25/2005 10950877 650 (this will pay 01Aug and so forth)
8/25/2005 10950877 650
9/25/2005 10950877 650
And then each month thereafter

I am sending out the Newsletter from my upline on a biweekly basis so if anyone would like to keep up to date on the scheduled conference calls, receive recent Q and A's and all the exciting new information on this program, just sign up here and you will be added to my autoresponder to receive updates:

Below is the most recent newsletter sent today:
Hello Everyone,

You are receiving this broadcast because you have requested to
be added to my update list for information on Brixdale when you
filled out your request here: or
when you replied to my ad directly with "I'm Interested" and I
still have your replies on file.

If at anytime, you do not wish to receive these broadcasts,
please remove yourself by clicking the link at the bottom of any
email sent out.

As always if you are just now signing up these bi weekly
newsletters and would like past issues with Q and A's and helpful
hints and tips, don't hesitate to ask.

Below is another letter from my upline giving notification of his $4000
Gift Vacation Package being received. This is awesome news and
lendscredibility to the company that they have consistently given
everythingthey have promised to their members. We have a very
active upline and I am here to help you succeed should you decide
to join us.

I'm a real person not hiding behind emails like some do and I can be
contacted after 7pm- 9pm central time and on most weekends after
8am central. My home # is 817-535-0053. I am a full time military
member so if you get the answering machine, please leave a message
and I will get the notification of your call by email and return it at
my earliest convenience.

Helpful files: Thanks to all who had a part in putting these
together. You know who you are:

To your Success
Sheri Bonay
Brixdale Referral ID: SB7457

Newsletter from upline to Follow:

Hi Everyone,

Good news! We received our vacation vouchers from Brixdale!

This is very encouraging because it represents another confirmation in Brixdale's overall program. Soon many folks will be getting theirs in the mail and we'll be able to tell all of our prospects that the vacation offer is real!

Many of you have been asking when you will receive your free vacation vouchers from Brixdale. The answer is about five to six weeks after you complete your four payment cycle. Brixdale is using a third party company based in Illinois and so it takes time to have the latest packages printed and mailed.

Briefly, the choices we received include the Bahamas, Nevada (Las Vegas, Reno), Branson Missouri, New Orleans, and Hawaii. They range from 3 to 4 days and nights and include meals but not airline costs.

So, be encouraged and excited that Brixdale continues to unfold as a great opportunity to promote so that you can build a business and not only pay off your mortgage early but generate a substantial income as well.

This is a business that requires you to be patient as you build your team and wait patiently for them to complete their extra payments. Don't allow the wait to damper your enthusiasm or hinder your efforts.

Don't forget to invite your prospects to the conference call tomorrow (Saturday) at 1:00 PM EST. Have them call 712-580-0100 pin 1071363#


I hope you find the information useful to your decision to join!

Posted: Jun 11 2005, 04:16 AM

Community Regular

Group: Official Member
Posts: 186
Member No.: 476
Joined: 19-April 04

Hey Gang,

I have been speaking with my members and trying to help get their 3 members by holding 3 way calls with their prospects. After listening to my upline conduct a call tonight with one of my member's prospects, I sat down and wrote up my own script for a conference call presentation and you guys will be the first to see it. I value your opinion so give me some honest feedback if you think this is a good conference call script for prospects and new members to explain the program with:
Its a little long reading but when you are speaking it, it's appropriate for a call. As many of you know, I used to be a company trainer for a business known as 10in10biz years ago and gained experience conducting training calls for members, well I'm going to try and get my feet wet again because it is definitely needed. I don't care for the other calls being conducted. I think I can do better for my own members so....

Here goes:

Brixdale Conference Call Presentation:

Before we get started, let me ask you...What was it about this program
that excited you when you first heard of it? Are you interested in
paying off your mortgage quicker? Or are you a renter interested in
owning your own home? Or maybe you are interested in becoming a
reseller of this program. After all, this program would appeal to just
about anyone in any of the above 3 categories. Which one are you in?
By answering this question, I will be able to present this opportunity
to you in a more personal manner and concentrate on the system that is
right for you.

(If you holding a one on one call, this opens a communication to find out how much the prospect already knows and shows that you are interested in "their specific" needs.)

If you are holding a conference call for many then lead in with this and follow with:

Be thinking about this question as I present to you the details of this awesome program. Be sure to take notes and jot down any questions you may have and at the end of this presentation, we will open the call for a few questions before closing.

Brixdale has developed a program that will cater to just about anybody from any and all walks of life. They are providing their members a way to accelerate their mortgage payments while making commissions at the same time introducing this concept they call "Inverse Mortgage" to others. But this program is not just for mortgage holders. Tonight you will learn of 3 programs Brixdale has created that can for work for you depending on your needs. I am going to go through each process for each program you could join.

Program for Mortgage Owners:

There are three steps that make the Inverse Mortgage work. The first
step is Brixdale will take over your monthly payments electronically.
Each month Brixdale will electronically debit your checking account
whatever your monthly payment is and will send the funds to your
mortgage company.

The second step is to alter the timing of your payment. All this means
is that you will make your next 4 monthly payments over approx 3
months. One of those first 4 debits is going to be applied as a principal
only payment to your mortgage. That is how Brixdale will help pay
your mortgage in such a short amount of time. Every time you make a
principal only payment that is equal to one month’s mortgage payment,
you are reducing the amount of time you have to pay your mortgage by
one year! Brixdale speeds up that payment for you in a 3 month time period
rather than a whole year, as in a "bi weekly". After you make that 4th
payment, you will go back to your regular payment due date. So anyone
with a little budget altering can find a way to do this.

But the best part is that after you get through the hardest part of
the program, which is just making your next 4 payments a few days
earlier, Brixdale will reward you with a fully-paid vacation worth
$4000! You will receive this package after you have completed all 4
payments and qualified for our program. This is our way of saying
"Thanks" for sticking with the program.

The third step is where your real reward comes into play. You will
introduce this program to others. Your goal is to bring at least 4
people into the system.... minimum of 3. The advantage you have is
that you would be joining a very active group. Our upline sends out a
newsletter twice a week alerting us to the upcoming conf calls, any
new discounted advertising methods and always gives hints and tips to
help you grow your business. You are never alone with our group. Plus
you have a direct line to your sponsor who will help secure your first
2 sales, just like I am doing by speaking with you. By helping YOU

For every person that you refer to Brixdale (after your initial two),
you will receive what is "equivalent to" one half of their monthly mortgage payment up to a maximum of $775.00 per referral.

So, for example, if you refer a person who has a $1,000.00 a month
mortgage payment, The equivalent to $500.00 commissions will be applied directly to the principal balance of your mortgage. If you refer a person who has a
$1,500.00 a month mortgage payment, The equivalent to $775.00 commissions will be applied directly to the principal balance of your mortgage.

In addition, each of your personally sponsored members must give you
their first two referrals in order to qualify for commissions because
commissions begin with your third referral.

So, if your third referral has a mortgage of $1,500.00, you will first
receive $775.00 from him/her toward your mortgage. Then if his/her
first two referrals both have $1,500.00 mortgages, you will receive
$775.00 from both of them. And, you will also receive their first two
referrals each (four), and so on (8, 16, 32, etc.). This profit stream
continues until your mortgage is paid off in full.

Well now lets say you are really pumped and you bring in a 4th member.
Where is that member going to go? You already have a line started with
your 3rd member building your points register and working to pay off
your mortgage.

Brixdale rewards you for sharing this with others (while you wait for
your mortgage to be paid off) by now starting your CASH register.

That fourth member starts ANOTHER WHOLE Profit Stream for you except
that the proceeds of THIS register go right into your pocket each and
every month. So that 4th member still has to bring in 2 members to
give to you before he is qualified right? Those 2 members go to you
and the proceeds go straight to cash those 2 member have to have 2
members to qualify who go to you So now you have 4 members all going
to build your cash register 4 members brings 2 each now you have 8
members going to build your cash register and so on.

The difference between THIS register and the points register is that
immediately after your referrals make their 4th payment, instead of
that commission going to build your points register to pay off your
mortgage, it goes DIRECTLY to YOU in the form of cash to do with what
you want.

Is it becoming clearer now? I know when I first joined I was so used
to "matrices" and splitting commissions between levels but in a 2 up
plan, you give your first 2 up as if they were never yours and then
your 3rd member does the same for you, and so on....

You get a 5th personal and now you have yet another profit stream and
this continues on with each personal member you bring in after your
third. But are you going to stop at 5??? Do you see the potential
here? I hope this further clarifies how this can work for you!

Every member who comes in has a whole year to get those 3 members but
are they going to wait that long before they are qualified? Would
you?? So we have a pretty good deal here going in sharing this

And really, the ONLY thing you need to do to qualify is find 3 people
who want to pay off their mortgage like you do and who understand that
they must in turn introduce Brixdale to 3 others to qualify and your
points register will automatically fill up as these individuals do
what they need to do to qualify as well. And if that 3rd member who
joins doesn't know how to market, tell him you will talk to his first
2 prospects or market his website yourself till you find them. Those first
2 members go to you anyway. Then he only needs one member to qualify
him for his points register and start paying off his mortgage. If you do this
for him, how excited do you think this will make him and how much of a testimony
to others do you think he will be when he logs into his back office and sees 2 people
you placed under him and now he knows he only needs one more to qualify for the program? Do you think this will get him pumped to try and work this program? Would it you?? Hopefully, by this illustration you can see the power a supportive upline can bring.

But with anything, the question always remains; how bad do you want it? Are you willing to put in a few hours a week to be able live comfortably without a
mortgage payment for the rest of your life? I know my answer!

For Renters:

If you rent, the program works almost the same way except that instead
of earning "points" to pay off your mortgage, you instead earn
commissions that are placed in a savings account for you until such
time that the balance reaches $10,000, then those funds are released
to you in one lump sum so that you can make a down payment on a home of
your own or to use any other way you please. The program will not cost
you any money out of your pocket. There is no up-front sign up fee. So
it is 100% risk free. Brixdale will not ask you for a check or a credit card
to get started. Brixdale will take over your payments to your landlord
every month so you don't have to worry about making that payment
yourself and as you introduce other renters or mortgage holders to
this program, you will accumulate commissions the same way a mortgage
holder does and this will help expedite your goal of raising enough
funds to get into a home of your own. And while that savings account
is adding up nicely with commissions from new members joining your
organization under that 3rd referral, a 4th referral will start your
cash register and you can generate a monthly residual income if you
help them refer just 3 members each as well. This program has much
appeal for both the mortgage holder and the renter.

But what about someone who does not own a home, or who does not rent
or who does not even live inside the US?

Well there is a program inside Brixdale for them as well!

As a Reseller:

You will not have to wait till you make 4 payments to a mortgage
company or landlord to qualify for this program. You can go to work
right away earning commissions by making a one-time payment of $395 to
Brixdale and referring just 5 others to this awesome program. The
first 4 will go to your sponsor and that 5th referral will start your
"cash register' of commissions paid to you after your referrals
qualify for the program with their 4 payments, only difference is
instead of being put away in a savings account (as it does for the renter) or
being put away in a "points register" (as in the mortgage holder) you
will start to receive those commissions directly in the form of cash
after your referrals qualify for the program. You never have to pay
another dime into this business and each and every person you
introduce will generate a "cash" commission up to $775 depending on
their mortgage/rent payment.

Those are the 3 different programs Brixdale has set up and each of
them is appealing depending on what your situation is and what your
goals for the future are.

Now that I have explained the 3 different programs Brixdale supplies,
lets talk a little bit about how Brixdale is able to provide this
opportunity to you and I.

Now the question I am sure on everyone's mind when they hear the
details of fantastic program is this: "How does Brixdale Make their
money to pay out such high commissions?"

1) From the time that Brixdale debits money from your bank account,
until the time they release that money to your mortgage company -
there can be a time period of several days that the money is in an
interest earning account for Brixdale. While one mortgage payment
earning interest doesn't seem significant, when you multiply that by
thousands of mortgage payments, it can be quite lucrative.

2) The commission points/monies that are generated to be applied
against the principle of your mortgage are released to your mortgage
company once every several months (on a specific cycle), or when those
points/monies reach $5,000 (whichever comes first). (Remember, we are
NOT talking about your cash commissions, which are paid to you
immediately after the 4th mortgage payment is made from an eligible
individual). During that holding period of time, Brixdale can earn
interest from the commissions of thousands of members. This can be
very lucrative for them.

3) I mentioned there is no upfront cost to this program, but with any
business you join there has to be some kind of fee for becoming a
member or purchasing a product right? Well, Brixdale is so confident
that their program works the way it is designed, they are willing to
defer that fee up to whole year for you. Brixdale charges every member
the equivalent to one of their mortgage/rent payments for
participating in this program. This fee can be taken out of
commissions earned thus never incurring any out of pocket expense.
Just another way, Brixdale cares for their members.

And finally the most frequently asked question that I am going to
answer upfront for you is "How are we as members protected in this
program when we have to give out our bank account information and set
up these automatic deductions?"

Brixdale is regulated by regulation E. Regulation E protects consumers
against unauthorized debits from their bank accounts. If a company drafts
money from a consumer's bank account for an amount more than
authorized, their bank would have to return the money to them within
24 hours. The consumer would have to sign a statement swearing that
the debit was not authorized.

Regulation E also protects consumers if money is drafted from a
consumers account and not applied as intended. So if Brixdale drafted
money from an account and did not pay your mortgage your bank would
return your money to you.

The banks would then try to recover their money from Brixdale. Also if
this was to happen even once, chances are that bank would not allow
another transaction to be processed by Brixdale again, so they would
be out of business very quickly.

The company has been processing payments since July of 2004 and they
do not have a single consumer complaint registered with any agency
claiming that payments have not been made. This in itself should offer
a large degree of assurance to those who are worried about the safety
of their accounts.

Now, can you see from the information I have provided you how this can
be an opportunity appealing to people from all walks of life? Your
market for this kind of service is huge and there is no better time to
join than right now.

Open it up for questions after closing with that statement.

Posted: Jun 18 2005, 05:34 AM

Community Regular

Group: Official Member
Posts: 113
Member No.: 112
Joined: 7-January 04

Open to US residents only! huh.gif
Posted: Jun 18 2005, 01:27 PM

Community Regular

Group: Official Member
Posts: 186
Member No.: 476
Joined: 19-April 04

No Dream G-II, The Reseller program is open to NON-US Residents too.

As a Reseller:

You will not have to wait till you make 4 payments to a mortgage
company or landlord to qualify for this program. You can go to work
right away earning commissions by making a one-time payment of $395 to
Brixdale and referring just 5 others to this awesome program. The
first 4 will go to your sponsor and that 5th referral will start your
"cash register' of commissions paid to you after your referrals
qualify for the program with their 4 payments, only difference is
instead of being put away in a savings account (as it does for the renter) or
being put away in a "points register" (as in the mortgage holder) you
will start to receive those commissions directly in the form of cash
after your referrals qualify for the program. You never have to pay
another dime into this business and each and every person you
introduce will generate a "cash" commission up to $775 depending on
their mortgage/rent payment.

For more info on this 3rd type of program see:

It is not for everyone but there are many non-us residents
who do see the power in this program working for them if they
are proficient marketers.

Hope this helps!

smile.gif wink.gif

I am in the process of redesigning our website now as well and
there are conference and training calls 4 times a week now. Many
have received their travel vacation vouchers and I am NEXT!!

Testimony below:

We received ours today! WOW, what a nice package of
different vacations that we have to choose from. Just like Brixdale
said, there are many different choices I will list them for you.

3 DAYS, 2 NIGHTS "Lodging Accommodations"

Daytona Beach, Destin, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and many more!
3 DAYS, 2 NIGHTS  "Hotel Accommodations"

3 DAYS. 2 NIGHTS "Complimentary Lodging"

Many different locations to choose from.

Nassau, Cozumel, Ensenada
Choice of ports to depart from.

Remember the packages change but I think there is enough
to choose from that you will have a great variety to pick from.

Now, you see Brixdale has once again proven that they stand by
their words. We have had all of our payments made with out a
glitch, we have received our commission check, and NOW we have
our Vacation Package in hand.

It doesn't get any better than that!

Monday--- TEAM TRAINING & IDEAS ONLY (No presentation

10:00 p.m. (EST)---(712)580-0100 PIN: 1071363#

Tuesday--- With Brian Fraiser Opportunity

9p.m. (EST) ---(641)-985-8000 PIN 309492

Wednesday--- Opportunity / Team Training depending on
amount of new listeners!

This call is not in effect if there is a Brixdale Company Call!

10:00 p.m. (EST)---(712) 580-0100 PIN: 1071363#

Thursday--- With Brian Fraiser Opportunity

8:00 p.m. (EST)---(641)-985-8000 PIN: 309492

Friday--- Team Brunch Break!! Lets take a break and just chat,
see what's working and what's not for the week! Share ideas,
thoughts and just get to know a little about each other!

12:00p.m. (EST)---712)580-0100 PIN: 1071363#


1:00p.m. (EST)---(712)580-0100 PIN: 1071363#

Posted: Jun 26 2005, 03:33 AM

Community Regular

Group: Official Member
Posts: 186
Member No.: 476
Joined: 19-April 04

Well Gang,

I finally did it! After several hours of frustration, stopping and starting over...changes and alot of walks away from the computer.....

I finally created my first ever newsletter. I am rookie of the year when it comes to these things but I have a good upline and they walked me through what I needed to do over the phone.

I am also having a new lead capture page created and I finally found the marketing system I am going to stick with. I have tried many and some worked ok but I needed something that was "duplicatible" and this certainly is:

To see what I am talking about
send a blank email to

You will start receiving the new letters in the series but when I get the notification that you joined, I will manually enter you in to receive the Newsletter that supplies my most recent discoveries and alot of other extras as well.

Well thats it for now. Next month is MY turn for Commissions and so far I am doing quite well.

Bright Blessings to you and yours
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Posted: Aug 26 2005, 11:32 PM

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I am no longer marketing Brixdale! After someone posted
this on my forum,

I cannot in good conscience continue to bring members
into a program that has this risk associated with doing so!

I have stopped marketing Brixdale and I
have joined forces with another person who was a top
marketer in Brixdale who came up with a better design
for paying off ANY debt NOT JUST A MORTGAGE!

All the details of this awesome program can be found

I have built a team of more than 20 members
in less than 3 weeks! I amhelping each of them
qualify by marketing for them instead of myself!
This is a brand new program with less than 50
members and I have 22 of them! tongue.gif

This is working perfectly!
My Team is Growing
Join now before someone
Else tells YOU about it!

Be Blessed
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